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Alysha + David | Engagement, Edmonton

Just how important are your photos?

For this engagement shoot we flew from Toronto to Edmonton. (Yes, we travel!) We were so excited to meet these two after lots of e-mails back and forth. We grabbed some pulled pork sandwiches at their favorite restaurant and then head out. We went around downtown Edmonton, walked around, went to their favorite pub and record store. They were so awesome and cute in front of the camera! So easy for us to work with them and take pictures.

Half way through the shoot we had a pretty eccentric guy come up and talk to my husband for a while. This ended up making for some pretty good candid shots of Alysha + David. Because while my husband was having a wacky conversation I was taking pictures of them laughing. This is just one way how Eddie is one of my secret weapons!

We then headed to a little park where they had a picnic. Moonrise kingdom was released shortly before the shoot so we made sure to give some homage to the film and have the two dance with their radio. Yes!

As the sun was setting we drove to a corn maze. That time of year is so insanely beautiful out west and I am beyond happy we were able to catch the colors of those leaves changing. We walked through the corn maze, jumped on a trampoline, then headed out. The whole time it basically felt like we were hanging out and we were just following them taking pictures. That is my absolute favorite way to capture a couple. You get them in their true natural environment and their pictures as a result show who they really are as a couple.

These two are so awesome! We totally bonded, and we keep talking about flying back to Edmonton for their wedding. Can’t wait!

For this shoot I had my extremely helpful and handsome 1983 Eddie, I shot with my digital Canon 5D mark ii, and for film I used my 1978 Canon AE-1.

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