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Eli + Trevor | Engagement

Just how important are your photos?

We made our way up North to this small town called Leith for this engagement shoot. I don’t think I was ready for how amazingly beautiful everything was. Such an amazing break from the city. And I have these two and others to thank for that!!

Trevor, an avid sailor- suggested he take his sailboat out with his fiancee and I tag along for their engagement photos. I practiced my balancing skills while juggling a camera that day as the boat tipped as it turned and the edge was gliding on top of the water. Just me and a couple of inches from the open water. I was given the guarantee the boat would not tip. I just held onto my camera for dear life because I don’t trust myself totally. Mean time I was putting my camera outside the boat, a few inches from the water for different angles. So that doesn’t make sense.

I basically followed these two on their little sailboat date, then walked with them through a nearby forest and took pictures of them. They were incredible at being themselves which gave me more opportunity to just capture candid moments then concentrate on posing.

Pretty much could not have asked for a better weekend. These two are simply the best!

For these photographs I shot with my digital Canon 5D Mark ii, and my 120mm film 1953 Yashica-A.

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