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Family Shoot

Just how important are your photos?

Although it’s not a wedding or an engagement I figured I would post it anyway for a couple of reasons. First, families are a product of marriage so that counts. Second, I get asked a lot if I do family shoots. I do! And I love them!

We shot this in North York neighborhood of Toronto. I originally had a location picked out but when I arrived an hour before the shoot there was a huge Jamaican festival happening. I freaked out a little bit because locations in that neighborhood are not that easy to come by. I walked down the road about a half hour to still come across nothing we could incorporate for a shoot. I was slowly becoming more and more freaked out since the shoot was soon.

Finally I came across a few old abandoned buildings, covered in bright colors and chipped paint. It was run down but figured it would look awesome for photos. A few felt apprehensive about it but it ended up to be such a great spot for photos. Also it was perfect for the kids who kept occupied with the huge planes flying by constantly.

These folks seemed quite comfortable in front of the camera. They had mentioned that they get family photos done every year and I could see that. I basically just took photos of them playing together, them putting the combinations and poses together. I enjoyed it. Gave for tons of opportunity for candid shots.

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