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Jack + Jolyn | Engagement, Montreal

Just how important are your photos?

I received an e-mail from a couple from Singapore. Said they were in Montreal and wanted a shoot. I was ecstatic. Meeting people from across the world, and take their picture? In a totally amazing city? I’m down.

So we boarded a plane, an hour later we were in downtown Montreal. Also, side point – really crazy we can get downtown Montreal (bus transit and all) in about an hour and a half. Yet to go to the other end of Toronto on TTC it takes 3 hours. Anyone from Toronto will appreciate this.

Moving on. We waited downtown on a bench awkwardly looking at couples to see if they would be Jack and Jolyn since we had no idea what they looked like. But we saw a couple running up to us and knew right away it was them. They were adorable as you will see in the pictures. I asked them to just be themselves and talk and be cute. They did it. Like, right away without any direction or awkwardness. Two lovebirds.

We shot through out the downtown area. At moments I had my face smooshed against the sidewalk to get the perfect angle and people sitting on the patios whispering quite loudly, “What on earth is that girl taking a picture of?!” I would think the same if I saw myself.

I asked them to stand amidst a crowd while I stand from afar taking pictures of them. So they were being cuddly, couple-ish. Two girls walked up to them and said, “I wish I had a camera, I need to take a picture of you too!” THAT is how good they are in front of the camera.

We shot into the evening. Montreal at dusk is on the list of one of the most beautiful scenes ever. It was pretty, perfect lighting, and romantic. Exactly what being with someone in such an amazing should feel like.

We parted ways shortly after. We spent just a few short hours together but I am so glad to have met them. What are the chances…

I shot with my digital Canon 5D mark ii and my 1953 Yashica-A for these shots.

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