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Kayla + Michael | Engagement

Just how important are your photos?

We traveled a little over an hour out of town for this shoot! We get asked a lot if travel…. WE DO! Anywhere. So if you want your picture taken, do write us.

Anyway. Weather wise, this day did not seem hopeful. It rained on our way up, cloudy, gray. After meeting up with the couple we drove along some side roads and the sun started peaking through. Then as we reached our locations – sun was completely out. As the shoot went on, it slowly went gray then flat out poured. But we kept shooting. What a lot of people ask about is what kind of conditions is ideal to shoot in. I like shooting on both gray days and sunny. So really you don’t have to worry about the weather. Any sort of weather has its advantage.

These two were so easy to shoot! They were comfortable in front of the camera and just basically relaxed and hung out together. Then we just took their pictures. I love when a couple can be candid right off the bat.

Looking forward to their wedding day big time!!!

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