See what they said about their Memories…

Erica + Brandon’s Wedding – Suzanna – Brides Mum

“I have told many friends how very special you were for us. First surprise is that you are young like Erica! But that you were so professional and unobtrusive. Invisible! On a day when tension may be high, you contributed to the calmness and realness of the day. The REAL surprise was when we saw the actual pictures and were so blown away by how you captured the moments. Even the staged pictures looked so natural. I feel that the one’s of Melanie and Tara alone are of another age. The look of them reminds me of the ’40s somehow. Also the peek at them behind the iron gate discovering something funny makes me feel like I’m looking in on a “secret” moment. The whole party walking along University is also nostalgic in feel.  The naughty smirk on Erica’s face as her husband kisses her, and the tilting back with arm carelessly hanging down, while being kissed are wonderful. So many of our friends who has seen them, even this past summer, have said they are the most beautiful wedding pictures they have ever seen. I’m so glad you captured intimate moments of Erica with her dad. She looks so natural and happy.  The pictures of eye to eye contact with Brandon and Erica on that day show how much they were enjoying that day. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dzesika.  I believe in these pictures alone, that this bride and groom will have felt you’ve delivered in spades what they hoped to enjoy from your work.”

Jody + Mackenzie
“Getting to work with Dzesika was an absolute treat! Her shots reflected that ethereal, bohemian vibe we were after,  but still came across genuine and authentic. The entire process was organic and painless- a surprise for us as we were nervous to pose! She is truly the best- classy, real and super talented. We recommend her hands down!”

Kara + Chris
“Our experience with Devic Fotos was nothing short of phenomenal.  Dzesika and her assistant, Eddie made us feel so comfortable.  We had a really fun photo-shoot in Toronto, and even though it was a cold day in January, she captured our personalities perfectly.  Dzesika has a quiet artistry about her, and an excellent eye for locations and photo opportunities.  Her passion for photography is palpable, and the results are nothing short of spectacular.  We were ecstatic over our photographs, right down to the details.  She is an amazingly talented, and we will enjoy our photographs for years to come.”

Sarah + Ken
“Words can’t begin to even explain how we feel about these photos, each photo is as equally as special as the next and all of them could be framed.  We are really going to enjoy sharing these photos with family over the holidays and we can’t wait to see how beautiful the book will be.  I consider us lucky that through what seemed an endless list of average photographers Sarah found someone as talented as you.”

Steph + Sanjay
“Hiring her as our wedding photographer was one of the best decisions that we made. Her creativity, talent and passion were evident to us from the second we met her and we knew she was the one. We love looking at our wedding photos, over and over again. She was able to capture everything beautifully and so artfully, and best of all, so unobtrusively that day. I wish that Dzesika could photograph my whole life!”

Eli + Trevor

“There are a few types of photographers, there are some that have a passion for it, others just a natural talent, then theres Jess…  She’s both.  Her talent shines through in the way she effortless frames shots beautifully, not by staging, but catching natural moments as they happen.  That makes for great memories.  Her passion creates an atmosphere that can even make two people like us (who aren’t big fans of being in pictures at all) cherish not only the shots, but the memory of the shoot.  So if you are “hmming and hawing” about whether or not to choose Dzesika, the answer is simple.  Do it. She’ll take anything you throw at her (like a near sailboat capsize) and turn it into.. well.. magic.

Katelynn + Zak

“We couldn’t have asked for a better set of of professionals to be a part of our wedding day. It was really important to me to  choose someone who understood the essence of our wedding. Dzesika was the only vintage photographer that I found who        still used 35mm film to take some of her shots and were they ever incredible! Dzesika did a fantastic job documenting all of the details of this special day for us. She was able to capture the real life moments, little details, the big picture and even the unspoken moments between my husband and I. She captured everything I wanted to remember and more! Dzesika is the kind of photographer you would want to choose for all those special and magical life moments. Every time I look at our photos, I’m reminded of our beautiful, joyous wedding day.”

Rachel + Justin

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words.. When it came to our wedding day, we wanted  nothing less. We wanted to have every emotion and feeling captured for the rest of our lives.

You made it so easy for us to be comfortable just being ‘us’ around you. And you always came up  with the most brilliant ideas that turned out so beautifully! On a day that can be so stressful, you were the least stressful part of it all; we were so confident in your work and we were far from disappointed!  We are recommending you to everyone we know. We had a blast with you! You are the best. We love you so much Dzesika!”

Stephanie + Chad

“Dzesika, it was with much anticipation that leading up to our wedding we we’re looking forward as to how the pictures would turn out. Not that we doubted your talent but rather were anxious to see how it would show through on our slightly different wedding day. How happy we were as soon we saw those first few shots on your website of the wedding, it was just what we had imagined and more. Thank you as well for receiving our ideas with excitement, improving on them with your professional experience and creative flair and finally delivering outstanding shots. It was a pleasure working with you on the big day, you were so adaptable, keenly present without being even slightly obtrusive, guided us and our guests very well throughout the day and added to the overall enjoyment of our wedding day. We will definitely recommend you to friends and acquaintances who wish to have a similar outstanding experience.”

Jessica + Cody

“I am so incredibly thrilled with both my engagement and  wedding photos from Devicfotos! She captured so many moments on  my wedding day that I find so many other photographers miss. That  is what makes her work so special. And shes a sneaky one! She  captured tons of special memories from my big day that I didn’t even  know she took. Looking back at those pictures now it really makes  me remember how I felt on my wedding day, so happy and in love!  Every photo she takes is a piece of art. I can truthfully say I have  been beyond happy with every one of the hundreds of photos I have  seen from her. She is the only photographer I would recommend!”

Anthony + Xandra

“We feel we cannot thank you enough for the time and effort you have put forth in regards to our wedding photographs. With all the stress of sorting out the wedding day to make it go just right the last thing we would need would be any additional problems. But with you we definitely had no issues. Infact you helped everything to come together. It is a big stress relief knowing that you are in control with your organization and direction amongst other skills while working alongside our wedding party and family. With your help our winter wedding turned out amazing. Thank you for suggesting the locations that would be most ideal for photographs. The artisic way you capture your photographs is why we did choose Devicfotos and you did not let us down. Sincerely thank you for being part of our day and we would be delighted for you to use us as a reference for any future clients.”

Steph + Dylan

“I absolutely love looking at our wedding photos. I look at them all of  the time. Dzesika seriously did such an amazing job that every time I  look I am reminded  how they are absolutely perfect for us. We will be  so happy with them for the  rest of our lives. The typical thing you  hear people say about their wedding is t  they regret their wedding  photographer they chose & the results of their  pictures. I was determined to not be one of those couples who say they regret  choosing their wedding photographer. I did  a good job. Or I  should more so  say, Dzesika did an amazing  job.”

Paul + Lena

“The pictures are awesome! We’re really happy with them and look forward to compiling an album. Thank you!”

Andrea + Brent

“Brent and I were looking for a photographer who would preserve our  memories in a way that made them look like they’d been our  memories for years already, in that vintage way I loved. We were  looking for a personality to make us feel comfortable so we could  open up to the camera. Dzesika was not only the kind of person that  would make you open up and feel comfortable with the camera, she  knew exactly when to “disappear” and be inconspicuous.

Our pictures turned out perfect. She was professional, lovely,  punctual, available, fun, and most of all, talented.

You wouldn’t be disappointed making Devic Fotos your choice.”

Seann + Haley

“Having Dzesika with us on our wedding day just made it all the more joyful. We had a fairly non-traditional wedding wanted the photos to reflect, well, us! She scouted out locations around the city with expert foresight as to what we were looking for,and on the day of, we had a blast with her! She made us feel comfortable in front of the camera, despite the fact that we were a bit nervous. She had great suggestions for poses and combinations. One of our favourite parts of the entire experience was being able to sit down and look at some of our pictures over dinner together the same evening. It was so great! We were so excited to see how the documentation of our wonderful wedding day was turning out. Later, once we made our way to the reception, Dzesika even passed the Polaroid camera around the crowd a little to let others have a go at it. Overall, she made it so easy. And she made us look fantastic! I still have people telling us how we have some of the most unique and interesting and, well, good-looking wedding photos they’ve seen. I blame Dzesika ENTIRELY. As a bride, Dzesika made me feel special and photogenic. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. I recommend her wholeheartedly. She has a wonderful talent for capturing moments and making them sparkle.”

Justin + Amanda

“I have strong confidence in expressing my undying gratitude for the dedication and astounding effort on such short notice that Dzesika put into our day. We both knew of Dzesika’s phenomenal skill she possessed for wedding photos, and we had always consider her to be our photographer. On the day of the wedding Dzesika had little time to work in the -15C weather. In thirty minutes we were able to get amazing shots on the bridge- these are my most favorite from the whole day. For the rest of the night at the rowing club, Dzesika slipped in and out pulling Justin and I aside to take photos with family and friends at the bar or near the fireplace. For the evening being spontaneous and with ridged plans, Dzesika did a beautiful job with what little detail we gave her. Six months later when Justin and I received all our pictures from her, we were touched by the memories she was able to capture in such short period of time that day. We couldn’t have asked for better to remember November 21st 2010 by.”