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Sandra + Jose | 1 Year Anniversary

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Sandra and Jose met in Mexico city. He was the “handsome manager” at Hard Rock Cafe and she was “that pretty girl who always came in.” They eyed each other for a while and then it began. However she informed him she would be leaving for Toronto to learn English and that she hoped he’d wait for her to return.

Without telling her he quit his job the very next day. This was after a very short time of dating.

That leap of love has brought them to four years later and one year of marriage.

We shot at the Old Mill here in Toronto and walked down to the park right across the street. We trekked on a hot day carrying lots and lots of stuff. But it was worth it! Plus we got to chat quite a bit and I really got to see how much these two love each other! Such a sweet couple.

As you scroll through the photographs you will see a beautiful little bouquet. Maybe you can’t tell but it is made out of paper! If you are looking to do something a little different for your bouquet, or would like paper flowers for any occasion – I highly suggest you check out the lovely Chantal at Dragonfly Expression! Such talented, wonderful work.

I shot with  my 1978 Canon AE-1 with black and white film, my 1953 Yashica-A, and my digital Canon 5d mark ii.

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