Why did my older sister
have a shaved head?


We are so happy you are interested in us enough to look at
our about me section.

Our names are Dzesika + Eddie. We are husband and wife.

We enjoy sleeping in very late, taking day trips to wine country,
traveling, and playing hours of Mario Kart.

He loves philosophy, economics and playing music.

She loves not economics.

We always get asked, “Why the vintage style?”

For as long as I (Dzesika) can remember I would regularly sneak
into the basement to dust off our family’s old photo albums.

I would spend hours poring over the Polaroids. The 35mm shots.
The disposable camera shots. Pictures where the view finder was
slightly covered by someone’s finger.

Did that green 1950’s car belong to my Dad?

Why did my older sister have a shaved head?

We underestimate the value of nostalgia. Nostalgia is important.
It reminds us of who we are, and where we came from.

It anchors us emotionally. It gives us somewhere safe to retreat to.

You need it. I crave it, too. For me, I’m fortunate. All it takes to bring
it back is my parents’ old photo albums.

Our goal as your wedding photographers is to perfectly capture your
moments of love, pride, and joy, and save them for you in your very
own nostalgia vault.

Feel free to ask us how we do it. We would love to hear from you!

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